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Integrate business processes with your ERP

Transform the way your company works

Exact Synergy is the right platform to handle all your business processes and integrate them with your ERP system.

A centralized solution to facilitate online collaboration and communication through workflow and document management.

A solution that simplifies, structures, and supports your employees to work together and add value to your company.

Transforme a forma de trabalhar da sua empresa - kwalit

Ensure more visibility and control
about the most relevant areas of your company

Collaboration/Work Flows

Workflow management allows you to easily simplify and automate processes across your entire enterprise. The information is linked to the project, customer, or employee and is available when and where it is needed.

With this workflow management system you can easily manage complex processes and significantly reduce administrative work.

Document Management

With Exat Synergy's collaborative platform, you can create, consult and manage your documents and information in a very simple and practical way.

Documents and information are stored digitally associated with people, resources, processes, financial transactions, projects/services, customers, or suppliers, through security levels or roles, making it easier to find, read, and interpret information.

Human Resources Management

Recording employee leave, expenses, and sick leave - all these administrative tasks unnecessarily consume HR managers' time. Exact Synergy streamlines your entire HR lifecycle, from personnel, performance and skills management to payment.

Customer Management

Use a single CRM system to get complete information about the relationship you have created with your customer. See all the important data about your customer, from the moment of contact to invoicing. Get automated alerts for sales opportunities or service moments, all with the Exact Synergy platform.

Project Management

If you work on projects, Exact Synergy offers control over the hours worked, invoicing, and results of your project. It supports the entire process from sales to invoicing and provides up-to-date information about your sales pipeline, work management, as well as the allocation of your resources.

Service Management

Providing good service seems logical, but it is a challenge. With the collaborative platform Exact Synergy you get short response times and insight into the content of your contracts. The costs and revenues are also clear. In this way, you can deliver the agreed service at the agreed time and under the agreed conditions.

In addition, your resources have direct information about their on-site tasks and can log on their smartphone or tablet immediately upon completion. In this way, it always keeps everything under control.

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Realize the benefits

from Exact Synergy

1 Enables more collaboration/integration

One of the biggest benefits of Exact Synergy is collaboration. With Synergy people collaborate with each other to solve a common problem, while sharing experiences and knowledge. This interaction allows not only to bring people together, but is also a way to help the company achieve its goals, whether by sharing information, speeding up communication, or even by common access to information.

2 Stimulates innovation

For any company that wants to grow and be recognized in its field, the watchword is innovation. Exact Synergy allows you to generate new ideas and be innovative. How? By integrating employees and facilitating internal collaboration, it makes several people think about a certain subject and from this can come innovative ideas for products, services, or corporate processes. The more collaboration and openness to dialog your company has the greater the tendency to create something innovative.

3 Create a knowledge base

All of a company's relevant information should be stored in a single, appropriate base. To be able to create a source of information and knowledge, rather than a source of data. When this in fact happens, the company has a structured and relevant bank of information that can be consulted at any time, by any employee, and with added value. With Exact Synergy this is what happens. You have a single source of information where you can store, access, and share knowledge, at any time and with any employee.

4 Ensures more productivity

With a solid internal communication structure, it becomes easier to have a focused corporate environment for work. With Exact Synergy this happens for two reasons. First because with a dedicated workflow space you can keep track of your company's internal processes and think through problems. And secondly, because with official means of internal communication your employees don't waste time with misinformation and have a more assertive job.

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