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The services sector has been facing numerous challenges.

From intense global competition, changing customer behavior, difficulties in talent acquisition and retention, and increasing project complexity.

To survive and grow in the market, companies that provide services have to do better, but above all different. They not only need to ensure that they successfully deliver projects on time and within budget, but also need to create a relationship increasingly closer, personalized, and multi-channel with customers. Supported by management solutions that allow you to increase the agility and optimization of your operations.

Find out here what the main challenges are, as well as our different suggestions and solutions, so that you can serve your customer in a faster, more personalized way , and with greater added value.

Know the challenges, understand the solutions

1 Challenge

The customer changes, the business changes

Today’s customers want faster, simpler, more convenient, and more affordable services than ever before

In an effort to remain competitive, companies that provide services must put the customer at the center of their business.

How? What is the solution?

First they need to understand that the customer wants a genuinely more collaborative experience , with constant information about what is happening.

This means that the customer today is not satisfied with a phone call once in a while, or a simple informative and not very personalized email. If the customer has a doubt or a question at 3 a.m., he wants to get the answer at the time and channel that is most convenient for him. Whether through social media, chat, customer portal, etc.

Customers want ever faster responses and ever more personalized experiences, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Which makes it have to provide a service not only across multiple channels but also increasingly personalized and focused on the shopping experience.

So it is important on the one hand, create a team prepared and available to provide customer support in the various channels. And on the other hand, to adopt a collaborative tool that allows you to do the management of all customer supportas well as gathering all the relevant insights to do more, but above all better.

Our collaborative platform Exact Synergy allows you to create a dedicated working environment for customer support management . Andhere you can understand what the problems are, streamline operations, and serve your customer better and better in a timely manner.

2 Challenge

The age of flexibility and remote work

Another major challenge for service companies is related to the fact that more and more people work from home

With the pandemic the door has been opened for remote work and flexibility.

What has changed and what is the impact for companies providing services?

This new reality and at the same time challenge made companies realize the need to invest in a work tool. On one hand, it would allow them to communicate with their collaborators, to understand the status of each task, each project, and on the other hand, to give continuity to their work.

A solution that would allow you to create information, find information, documents whether from home, from the office, or from anywhere on the planet.

Our collaborative Exact Synergy platform allows you to do this and much more. Thanks to centralized information, automated workflows, and dedicated work areas.

Working nowadays, it doesn’t have to be in the office it can be anywhere. And it can be done safely, quickly, and efficiently.

3 Challenge

Retaining and engaging talent

We need to develop a strategy and create more rewarding jobs

Retaining and engaging talent has been a problem for service companies as well.

What is the solution?

Salaries are not the only factor in retaining and attracting talent.

You need to develop a strategy, create an organizational culture, and create more rewarding jobs.


1 Develop a feedback culture to drive retention

Communication and collaboration are key aspects of a healthy and stimulating organizational environment.

2 Manifest culture through physical space physical space

A more relaxed physical space, with more appealing colors, motivational phrases, and with adequate spaces for both work and leisure are great for creating a good organizational environment and retaining talent.

4 Challenge

Information needs to be easily found

Another big problem for companies that provide services is related to the difficulty in finding information

If one employee in your company can’t see what the other one is doing it is impossible for them to collaborate to make progress on important tasks. On the other hand, it is even more difficult to use the insight contained within that information to improve the relationship with your customers.

What is the solution?

The solution is to adopt a collaborative platform that allows you to access information wherever you are, to have specific work areas, advanced filters that allow you to search by project, by date, by resource, or even by type of document.

In addition, it is important that there is a standardized internal process for creating new information, and then it is also easier for any employee to locate this information.

It is important that you realize that an efficient workforce means completing one task successfully, but also as quickly as possible so that you can move on to another task. And having the information easily available and locatable is essential.

Our collaborative platform Exact Synergy allows you to plan, structure, monitor and control tasks, activities or projects intuitively, without wasting much of your time and most importantly in collaboration with all resources. All this in a single application, allowing you to guide your day-to-day work, check for deviations, or even redefine strategies.

5 Challenge

Increasingly efficient collaboration is key

Collaboration is a key point for companies that provide services

At any given time, you need several employees giving input on a project you are developing for a client. This can mean having as many employees inside the company as outside. And potentially collaborators scattered all over the world, some of whom will never meet face to face in real life.

What is the solution?

Collaboration has become a critical issue as more and more people are working remotely. The one thing we know for sure is that remote working is here to stay, so it doesn’t just need a way to improve collaboration under normal conditions, it needs a way that allows remote communication at the same time. The solution is to adopt a collaborative platform that allows you to manage information and ensure that all employees can work together on a single version of a document or a project, regardless of its current state or status.

With the complexity of projects and the need for inputs from multiple collaborators, collaboration is vital.

On the other hand, it is important that it is easy to contribute and even easier to see who is making changes and why those changes are being made in real time.

With a collaborative platform like Exact Synergy it becomes easy to share information efficiently and securely with both internal and external collaborators.

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