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What if you had an application in your name published on the Android store and on itunes for IOS?

What if this application allowed your customers and distributors to access, from their smartphones, the products that your company sells?

To their documents and an entire loyalty program in which they would see coupons, vouchers, and points available for use in future purchases?

What if through this same app you could see and analyze your customers’ buying trends and based on their profiles suggest relevant products to your customers, through cross-selling?

All this is possible and with your name! A white lable app published with your branding and connected to your ERP. And the easiest of all, it’s not even that complicated!

E se essa aplicação permitisse aos seus clientes e distribuidores, acederem a partir dos seus smarpthones aos produtos que a sua empresa comercializa? - kwalit

Focus >> Your customers and distributors

How does it work in terms of configuration?


Customers download the app

From playstore or itunes to their smartphones and request access.


Your company validates accesses

And authorize or decline.


In your ERP you define the entire pricing strategy

From this sales channel and other configurations that allow or not the access to information and operations by users, all in a centralized way.

And in terms of Worflow?


The person authenticates on the app and logs in


You can select an account that you want to manage. Yes, one contact can manage one or several customer accounts, and in this way can manage a group of companies quite easily.


When you enter the app, you have access to a shortlist of 3 sections on its main page, and from here you can directly add products to your shopping cart.


You can also browse the product portfolio and add products to your cart by seeing the stock level and their specific price!


In the end you are able to place the order and it is placed in real time in the ERP. If there are promotions, coupons, vouchers, or points, they are presented to the customer so he can select what he wants to do! In other words, there is an interaction in terms of the loyalty program with the customer in order to boost sales.


Additionally we can also view orders placed, invoices, current account and the entire loyalty program we have active with the company!


Simple, isn't it? So why complicate it!

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