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Multiply your sales without multiplying your effort or investment

Channel all the effort of your commercial team to the achievement of business

Through a solution that simplifies processes, eliminates time-consuming and unnecessary administrative tasks, and makes communication and actions more fluid.

With the kstore sales support tool, your commercial activity is given a new lease of life.

Structured, automated processes simplify day-to-day activities, optimize contact management, enhance sales opportunities, and solidify customer relationships.

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Focus >> Your Salesmen and Delivery Team

How does it works in terms of configuration?


kstore setup

On every machine or tablet!


In your ERP, set up the users, access, etc.

As well as the entire pricing strategy of your sales channel, which in addition to numerous features such as visit and route management, will allow you centrally from your ERP to tell how your salespeople or delivery team will work.


Activate the connection between your ERP

Allow your kstore to work offline or online.

And in terms of Worflow?

For Sales People – Sales Force Automation


Open the application on your tablet and log in


Check your routes and scheduled visits, if you are out of the company and usually visit your clients


Do checking when you arrive at the customer or when you start talking to a customer in the store or on your premises.


Analyze this customer's information, including pending documents, billing trends, and most importantly, buying trends and cross-selling opportunities or simply sales suggestions for this profile.


Listen to your customer and assist him in what he plans to buy by giving him information of the available portfolio or the products he typically needs.


During the sales process help your customer to visualize the products, through digital catalogs in which he can see how they would look in certain environments!


Finally with the sale completed convert the sales cart to a quote or order and send an email directly to your customer with this information. Customer prices are taken into consideration and override default prices! This allows you to have access to all pricing, as well as to execute your sale knowing in advance that the pricing defined in the ERP is the one that will be applied by the sales app.


Sounds simple, right? And it is! Why do we have to complicate? But, although simple it has a lot of features ... a lot more depending on your business and the way you work. This app allows you to define your working method, according to your vision!

And in terms of Worflow?

For your Delivery Team


Logistics plans the orders that will be delivered to each truck!


The driver of each truck, logs into the application and confirms that all the material scheduled to be delivered has been loaded.


The driver, based on the deliveries, has access to the delivery route, in which he knows the points where he must pass to unload the packages.


When it arrives at the customers, it makes the delivery of the material and confirms with the customer, collecting the customer's acceptance of this delivery.


If necessary, with the customer, the driver can make changes to the delivery. Not accepting, for example, the delivery of some damaged products, or reducing the quantity, for example, at the customer's request.


Finally, with the delivery completed and the quantities correct, the delivery note gives rise to the invoice, which is then issued and sent to the customer.


If necessary, the customer can at this point make the payment to the driver, being sure that the payment corresponds to the material delivered! No credit notes or extra administrative work in case orders are not delivered or accepted by the customer!


At the end of his workday and after having made all the deliveries, the driver returns to the base and unloads the truck with all the products that were not delivered. And also any cash payments made by the customers with the respective proofs.


It sounds simple, and it is! All designed to meet the need of certain businesses that must have the flexibility to manage deliveries differently and avoid increased administrative work!

Realize the benefits

from kstore


Now instead of waiting for your customer to reply to an email or simply answer your calls, you can go meet them and create an opportunity to make a sale. With kstore, it becomes easier to show your customer your products, either via catalog or store, analyze how your stock is doing, make delivery forecasts, and directly generate a quotation or an order. No wasted time or intermediaries.

On the other hand, with Kstore you have a clear and real sense of how much you are missing in quantity or value to achieve your sales objectives. They can further segment this analysis by product, product type or customer and according to the period they want. This lets them know where they stand and what they need to do to achieve their goals.


With kstore your sales team can now plan and consult your customer visits. All they have to do is make the appointment in the back office and it will then be available in the kstore. With this planning your sales team can not only maintain structured working procedures, but also optimize time. In addition, on customer visits your sales team can create a sales report on each visit and send that information to the back office. Giving you the ability to create historical information about the customer, as well as the convenience to analyze each customer's needs and take decisions in a more assertive way.


The more information you have about a particular prospect or customer, the more likely you are to capture their attention and build relationships. With kstore, your sales team has access to all the information you need about your customers, namely personal data, business contracts, transaction history and pending documents, which allows you not only to approach the customer from a distance, but also to get to know them better. a more objective and personalized way as it improves the relationship you establish with your client.

In addition, with kstore your sales team can easily send or print a document directly to the customer, without having to wait for return to the office, giving it the information it needs when it needs it. What gives you more speed and more proximity in the communication with the your customer.


With kstore you have the possibility to make deliveries. Your delivery team can collect payment from the customer. All you need to do is register that information in the backoffice. Specifying how you collected the payment and then generating the report of the collections you made.

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