Make your work faster, simpler and
more efficient with Exact Globe+, wherever you are in the world!

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Exact Globe+ is available in over 40 countries as standard. Our international focus is to let you do business internationally, and we take care of everything else!

Globalization is increasingly affecting companies in terms of
information management. 
Today, companies face countless challenges: from attracting new customers and expanding into new markets, to eliminating inefficiencies automating processes and increasing competitiveness.

These challenges require faster, more flexible and above all more reliable access and sharing of information for companies to make decisions more assertive and efficient. The Exact Globe +
gives companies back control over decisions, since it eliminates
information islands
and guarantees a single, real-time view of all information.

So with Exact Globe + you increase efficiency throughout your business reduce costs and provide better service to the customer. client. Whether locally or globally Exact Globe gives you all the tools you need to boost the growth of your company.

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Have a new vision of your business

with Exact Globe +



1 Receive up-to-date cash flow and performance information
2 Make better decisions with functionalities for forecasting, budgeting, analysis and reporting
3 Enjoy full security thanks to the extended possibilities of functions and rights, authorization, and traceability
4 Get comprehensive support for different languages, banks, currencies, and legislations
5 Get access to several automatic alerts


1 Bill of material management provides a solid basis for calculating your cost price and your production process
2 Perform your cost price calculations quickly and easily with the calculation functions
3 The production process can be optimized and simplified with production functions
4 Get comprehensive support for different languages, banks, currencies, and legislations
5 With MRP, you can reduce stock levels, ensuring that you only have the items in stock that you really need
6 Gain insight into actual versus expected costs and budgets
7 Comply with legislation and regulations: Manage the quality and safety of your products thanks to 100% product traceability throughout the process


1 Easy price management for each article, unit, assortment, customer, supplier or period
2 Track your products quickly and effortlessly
3 Simplify your purchase contracts and subscriptions, always buy on time and evaluate your suppliers so that you can make the best choices.
4 Ensure a smooth sales process by automating your quotes, sales orders, returns, invoices, etc.
5 Increase customer satisfaction with a simplified service management solution
6 Improve your forecasts, your budgets and easily find new business opportunities


1 Determine your tariff structure simply and accurately
2 Control your time in a simpler way
3 Get information about hours worked and approvals, and make lost hours a thing of the past
4 Ensure a simplified invoicing process
5 Create reports or dashboards so you can make better decisions


1 Have a complete overview of employees' personal files
2 Enjoy the benefits of Exact App Self Service (available for iOS, Android and Windows 10)
3 Provide managers with important information and departmental action points through workflows
4 Extend the recording of basic data by compiling your own digital forms in the personnel files
5 Get clear information and a comprehensive overview through integrated dashboards and reports
5 Customize the environment for specific teams and departments. What makes the information is available to everyone


1 Effectively transform sales opportunities into business, with the solution to increase sales efficiency
2 Enjoy constant online access to your business with information for employees, customers and partner portals
3 Have real-time information about the latest contact with customers through the CRM application, supporting sales, opportunities and insights into the linked documents
4 Create broader access to relevant sales information, using workspaces and timelines
5 Get clear information and overviews of all your sales-related data through analysis and reporting


1 You have everything in a single system
2 Collaboration is simpler and more efficient
3 Everyone has access to the same information
4 You have access to clear reports and relevant alerts
5 Communication is an integral part of your business software
6 Has a wide variety of apps and addons
7 More process flexibility for the organization


1 Collaboration is simpler and more efficient
2 Communication and documentation is centralized in a single space
3 Increases the productivity of your team and your company as a whole
4 No loss of information or knowledge, since communication can be easily located and linked to relevant projects
5 All communication is done in a secure environment

Real-time information, anytime, anywhere

Your customers, partners, and employees want real-time data anytime, anywhere, making mobile apps increasingly common. But that also means that your systems need to be increasingly integrated to create a single central source of information. The essential thing, the basis for this is a central ERP system connected to the necessary applications so that you can make the most of all the functionality.

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